Perfect for high-volume gas production

The Cyl-Sonic Tonne system is ideal for high-volume gas production facilities, such as those handling hydrochloric gases. The tonne cylinders can be lifted onto the system and tested quickly, yet thoroughly..

Skid-mounted for flexibility

The Cyl-Sonic Tonne system can be mounted on a skid, allowing you to easily move the entire testing system to multiple locations as needed. So, if you have production facilities across the country, you can ship the CylSonic Tonne system every few months to the location that has tonne cylinders ready for re-certification testing.

Flaw testing, flawlessly done

The Cyl-Sonic Digital Tonne System scans through paint and most clear coatings to detect potential pits, cracks, corrosion and gouges.  In addition, the system measures and detects lost cylinder wall thickness as well as identifies undesirable moisture inside the cylinders.

Wheel probe technology

The ultrasonic wheel probe includes nine complementary high-frequency transducers - the most integrated transducers in one unit in the industry - that search for flaws in traverse, longitudinal and oblique directions.  This ensures 100% coverage of required exam volume and area.  The four oblique transducers excel in detecting any moisture droplets inside cylinders.

Safer to operators and environment

Unlike hydrostatic testing methods, ultrasonic examination eliminates the need to remove hazardous gases from cylinders, helping protect both your operators and the environment.  The method does not require valve or O-ring removal, so there is less need for valve replacement as well as reduced cylinder neck thread damage.
Ultrasonic examination also eliminates the need to introduce water into the cylinders, helping prevent product contamination and elimination or minimizing the number of post-re-qualification cylinder treatment processing steps.

Saves time and operating costs

The Cyl-Sonic Tonne system saves on personnel costs.  Since operators don’t need to spend time drying and re-valving the cylinders, daily production levels can be much higher.  The cost per cylinder test is lower for UE testing than hydrostatic testing.
The system is mounted on a rigid steel frame skid, allowing companies to easily move the entire testing system to multiple locations as needed.  If multiple production facilities are distributed across a region, it is possible to ship the entire Cyl-Sonic Tonne system every few months to the location that has tonne cylinders ready for re-certification testing.

Calibration standard ensure accuracy

Each system uses a calibration cylinder standard with simulated flaws.  For Tonne systems Nordco specifies appropriate calibration standards based on the number and different types of tonnes to be re-qualified.  Tonne calibration cylinders are typically custom designed under the oversight of Nordco’s SRT, based on customer supplied cylinder characteristics (i.e. specification, pressure rating, minimum thickness and outside diameter) and applicable special permits.

Software control and record retention

The Cyl-Sonic Cylinder Test application has been updated to support Nordco’s high definition, digital control electronics.  The software allows the operator to control all axis motion, including position, rotation and sensitivity.  Calibration setups are stored and reused.  The software displays real-time scanning test results showing the locations of any detected flaws; the system also alerts the operator about a cylinder’s pass/fail status.

Meets all regulatory requirements

The Cyl-Sonic Tonne system complies with the requirements of the following regulatory agencies:

  • DOT - Meets US Department of Transportation cylinder re-qualification requirements (SP 14920)
  • TC - Meets Transport Canada cylinder re-qualification requirements (SU 10807)
  • ISO - Meets International organization for Standardization requirements (ISO 10461 & 6406)

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