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Cyl-Sonic Cylinder Inspection Product line

Cyl-Sonic is Nordco's brand for ultrasonic examination systems used to inspect tubular products such as seamless compressed gas cylinders, piping, and tubes. Formerly known as DAPCO, Cyl-Sonic is the world leader in Ultrasonic Examination (UE) compressed gas cylinder inspection systems. We draw upon our extensive engineering, manufacturing, and operating knowledge to pioneer solutions meeting your specific needs. Our state-of-the-art products and superior services are unsurpassed and deliver optimized, innovative, and customized solutions. Cyl-Sonic's Micro, Industrial and Tonne UE cylinder inspection systems are used to requalify or test newly manufactured cylinders to detect potential flaws and measure cylinder wall thicknesses.
Unlike hydrostatic testing methods, ultrasonic examination eliminates the need to introduce water and potentially contaminate cylinder interiors or remove the gases from cylinders. Cyl-Sonic UE systems save time and labor because there is no need to remove, re-valve, and dry cylinders since all testing is completed from the exterior using high-frequency sound waves. Your daily production levels will be much higher and your testing costs per cylinder will be lower using UE testing as compared to hydrostatic testing.

Some of our current and past projects include:

  • HP Cylinder Inspection
  • DSAW Large-Diameter Pipe Inspection
  • ERW Pipe Weld Inspection
  • Plain End Casing Inspection
  • OCTG Inspection
  • Pipe Wall Thickness Monitoring
  • Full Body Inspection
  • Weld Line Inspection


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