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In addition to selling Cyl-Sonic Inspection systems, Nordco offers the following supplemental equipment and necessary operating system support, such as installation, training, and oversight services.

  • System Set-Up and Operation Verification  A Nordco field technician will come to the customers’ specified location to provide the necessary technical guidance for installation and operation of the Cyl-Sonic inspection system.
  • Calibration Cylinder Standards  Government regulations require the Cyl-Sonic ultrasonic systems to be standardized prior to conducting cylinder re-qualification. You are required to obtain and use calibration cylinder standards to ensure the system is properly standardized prior to testing.
  • Operator Training  Your personnel are required to be trained, qualified, and certified in accordance with ASNT SNT-TC-1A per DOT requirements. You will receive the necessary training required (ASNT Level I and/or II), qualification, and certification to operate the Cyl-Sonic UE system in accordance with industry accepted practices prior to performing cylinder requalification. You are required to attend training at either the Nordco CT office or at a location of your choice.
  • Licensure and Oversight  You will be permitted to perform UE under Nordco's approved USDOT (Special Permit DOT-SP 14920) as a licensee. Nordco's special permit DOT-SP 14920 permits UE and an external visual examination to be completed in lieu of hydrostatic testing in conjunction with internal/external visual examinations. Nordco's Senior Review Technologists (SRT) will set up, administer, and provide oversight of your UE operations. Our SRTs have the credentials and experience to ensure programmatic compliance and productivity.
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