What cylinders can I inspect with a CylSonic UE machine?

The simplest answer is DOT 3A, 3AA, and 3AL high-pressure gas cylinders.

For more details, read the DOT Special Permit 14920 that was issued for our equipment; this permit includes a wealth of information about our products.

In addition, you may want to read the specific brochure for the UE machine that you are interested in. These are found on our UE product pages.

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 Do I need to remove the cylinder valve to inspect cylinders with your UE machines?

No, this is one of the main benefits of using UE technology over traditional hydrostatic testing. A cylinder that either full or empty, with its valve attached, is placed into the UE machine and then inspected. Therefore, there is no lengthy additional time for drying and revalving as you would experience with hydrostatic testing.

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 Can I use nitrogen instead of shop air to drive my UE machine.

Yes, this could be a viable source of system pressure in the event that your shop compressor goes down. It is important to ensure, however, that it provides 90-95 psi to the UE system.

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 Should I have an oiler for the compressed air?

No, the components used in the pneumatic system are designed to run oil free. Adding oil will shorten the life of the components.

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 How long are the power cords that come with your UE machines?

The UE machine power cords come standard at 20 feet long. They are designed to be hard-wired into a junction box and do not come with plugs. They can be made longer, if needed.

Please be sure to specify this additional length requirement during the quote stage so that we can be sure to give you the proper length and pricing.

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 Do you provide special collars that can fit over CO2 or fire extinguisher handles?

No, there is no need for collars with our UE systems.

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 Is HazMat training required for my employees to inspect cylinders with my new UE machine?

Yes, your technicians will need HazMat training; in addition, your company will need to maintain proper documentation of this training. HazMat certifications must be updated every three years.

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 Is eddy current testing needed if I use UE testing?

Yes, but only for aluminum cylinders with teh alloy 6351. Eddy current testing is still required for these specific aluminum alloy cylinder neck and threads.

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 Is eddy current testing equipment included as part of purchase of your UE system?

No, this is not included. However, if you do need eddy current testing equipment, we can direct you where to purchase this equipment.

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 What other inspections will I need to provide (in addition to UE, eddy current, visual inspections, and having HazMat training)?

You are also required to have CGA pamphlets C5, C6, and C6.1 on file at your facility.

You can purchase tehse documents from www.cganet.com. You can either download the files or have a hardcopy mailed to you. Please note that you will need to have these documents on file in the event of a DOT audit. You will also need to provide for the inspections called out in these documents.

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 Is training or literature offered in non-English languages?

Only English literature and training is avaialble at this time.

However, at some point in the future, we may decide to provide these services in other languages.

Please note that technicians running this equipment must be fluent in English so that operator training can be provided.

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 What documentation must I supply to my customers?

You must supply a written copy of all failed cylinders to your customer.

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 What if I am not sure about a specific feature of my new UE system?

Call us!

We are proud of our customer service and availability. If you are unsure about any aspect of the UE system's operation, call us right away. We would be more than happy to help you with any questions that you may have.

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 What if a component on my system stops working or I damage a component?

All of our UE systems come with a one-year warranty.

Should a component break during this time, we will fix it.

If something goes wrong after the warranty period, we are still here to help you. We carry most parts in stock.

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 Do UE systems require maintenance?

Yes, just like oil or air filter maintenance checks on a car, UE systems require maintenance quarterly or every 500 hours of service life.

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 Can I install my UE system on an uneven or an unlevel floor?

No, there are a number of reasons that an UE system requires an even surface, primarily related to water and gravity in the machines. Therefore, prior to installation, identify a location in your facility that has a level and even floor for your new machine.

If you need information about a machine's footprint, we can provide you with an Installation Requirements document.

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 Why do I need a LAN internet connection for my UE system?

If your system has a LAN internet connection, we can access your machine remotely to upgrade software, review test data, help with calibration in/out, or help you evaluate a specific test.

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 Why do I need to connect the computer in my UE system to a printer?

You will need to have access to a network or direct-access printer for your UE system so that you can print the results from any failed cylinder test. You will need to keep these results on file for the next span of the recertification (5 or 10 years, depending on the cylinder specifications) per DOT requirements.

Our systems do not automatically come with printers; however, we can source and include one in the quote if you wish.

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 How many of my staff with Nordco train to a Level II technician as part of my system purchase?

Nordco includes training for up to four individuals with the purchase of one of our machines. This includes Level I and Level II UE training, as well as hands-on production training (if requested). If you require training for additional technicians, this can be provided for a nominal fee.

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 Do I need to hire a new employee who already has experience in UE (with Level II certification) to run my UE system?

No, we prefer to train your hydrostatic testers who are already experienced with cylinder testing.

We will then do the necessary training to certify your employees to become Level I and Level II technicians.

However, if you would prefer to hire an experienced technician, we can provide sample job postings for your use.

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 Do all my employees need a Level II UE certification to run UE systems?

No, a Level I technician can run a UE system. However, a Level II technician must be on-site at all times when cylinders are being tested; this technician is required calibrate in/out the system and to interpret cylinder test data. Therefore, because of these DOT requirements, most employees that run UE systems are normally Level II certified.

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 Why do I need Level III certification?

The Level III oversight is required by the special permit issued to Nordco by the DOT.

Nordco is required to ensure that all aspects of the special permit are being followed by the "agent". Agent status is granted to a company after the system is installed, a DOT third-party auditor verifies that the system performs to the special permit requirements, the facility has met the requirements stated in the special permit (training and documentation), and Nordco informs the DOT that they have accepted the company as an agent.

The Level III must also submit a yearly report to the DOT of all cylinders examined by the company under the auspices of the special permit.

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 What is CFR 49?

This is the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) that must be followed when submitting hazardous materials for transportation.

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 Do I require a drain in the immediate area of my UE system?

A drain comes in handy when you are changing the water in the water tank. However, if a drain is not available, we supply 25 feet of two-inch drain line.

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 Do I need to add any additives to the water in my UE system?

No, none are required.

However, to help control algae, bacteria and fungal growth, you could add two tablespoons of United 337 Algae, Bacteria and Fungi Controller. In addition, if you have hard water, Calgon water softener will help deposits from building up on the bearing and rails. Finally, if you want to prevent chlorine damage, any aquarium chlorine neutralizer will work.

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 Can I get a 10-year certification on my aluminum cylinders if they are tested with a UE system?

Yes. However, you must also be able to fill the same cylinders at the same site they are tested and be able to log data on the gases and cylinder usage throughout the ten-year inspection lifespan.

This is not an automatic approval, requiring special authorization from the DOT. We can assist you getting this approval from the DOT.

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 How do I install my UE system?

Once your system has shipped from our factory, we will schedule a time to perform the installation as well as the DOT audit of this machine on site.

Prior to the installation date, it is important that you are prepared for the installation by having a clear site, air, water, electric, and internet connections.

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 How much do the UE systems cost?

Price is dependent on a number of factors, including the location of the installation, the amount of training required, shipping costs, number of calibration cylinders required, and other machine options.

We can provide a detailed quote for your specific application needs.

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 How long does it take to test a cylinder?

It depends on the size of the cylinder. However, it is usually between 45 and 90 seconds.

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 What types of cylinders can be tested by a UE system?

UE testing can be performed on 3A, 3AA, and 3AL cylinders.

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 What is the largest cylinder size that can tested on a Micro system?

The Micro unit can test cylinders with 3.2" to 8" outside diameters.

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 What is the footprint of the industrial unit?

15' x 25', which includes a working area for the operator.

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 How does the extended periodicity work? Who holds the special permit for this?

The extended periodicity is done through a special permit that is held by the refill plant.

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 How long is the warranty?

One year.

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 Do we need to go to your office for training?

No, you can have your Level I and Level II certification training done in your location.

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 What is the lead time to have a unit installed?

Usually about 8-10 weeks.

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 Can I see a currently operating system?

Yes, we can arrange for you to see a system at our Connecticut offices.

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 Is ultrasonic testing approved by the DOT?

Yes, through special permit. You will be permitted to use UE testing through Nordco's special permit.

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 Can your industrial unit be integrated with a blasting system?

Yes. The industrial unit can also be integrated with painting and marking operations as well.

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