Nordco's latest innovations advance ultrasonic examination technology by integrating our digital platform. This technology has been successfully deployed in our rail test applications for several years and has now been adapted for cylinder testing. The new platform improves servicability, reliability and provides these technical benefits:

  • Advanced, digital signal processing - high resolution digitizing of RF signals, elimination of noise issues, advanced analysis of ultrasonic signals
  • Real-time, parallel processed algorithms - faster execution enables higher test-speeds / throughput, pre-processing on the hardware level, speeds up windows applications
  • Modular, standard based architecture - low maintenance costs, ability to upgrade modules or firmware to take advantages of new features
  • Flexibility, highly configurable - hardware and software can be easily adapted and optimized to various ultrasonic applications, flexible I/O for interfacing with external systems and automation
  • State-of-Art, modern digital system - solid platform for development of new applications and future innovations (future proof)

We also upgraded our automation platform, leveraging GE's state-of-the-art Rx3i platform. While improving reliability of the automation system, this allowed us to minimize the size of our system control computer to only take up up 75% less space in the rack.

The system computers are now equipped with two solid state drives, setup in a RAID configuration for the purposes of data redundancy and performance improvement. This provides an extra layer of protection for recovery in case of disk failures or system corruption.

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